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In response to the launch of National Policy on Industry 4.0, known as Industry4WRD at MITI Tower on October 31st, 2018. Malaysia Industrial 4.0 System Integrator Association (MISI 4.0) is committed to support MPC through Productivity Nexus aligned with MITI direction, where Industry4WRD aims to pave the way for enhanced productivity, job creation and high-skilled talent pool in the manufacturing sector.

Being a Qualified System Integrators, Teksoft is ready to lend its expertise to assist local manufacturers and enterprises in I4.0 implementation.

About MiSi 4.0

The Malaysia Industrial 4.0 System Integrator (MISI4.0) Association was established in 2017 with the objective to deliver Industry 4.0 Implementation Success through Qualified System Integrators. I4.0 system integrators leverage on their engineering, technical and business skills to assist manufacturers and others to automate the machines and processes towards implementation of I4.0. MISI4.0 helps members to develop their business skills and provide a forum to share industry expertise, promoting the benefits of hiring a certified control system integrator for I4.0 implementations

Our Objectives

  • Increase MNCs & SMEs Competitiveness & Productivity.
  • Accelerate High-Value Opportunities.
  • Build Capability & Capacity and Increase Awareness.


I4.0 System Integrator designs and implement I4.0 solutions for manufacturing, process and other industrial facilities. Lending their expertise of engineering, information technology, and business, system integrators integrate plant equipment to automate manufacturing processes from the shop floor to the enterprise level. I4.0 implementation helps manufacturers and enterprises improve productivity, reduce cost, power consumption and environmental impact

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